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Immediate Ph.D. vacancies: Our laboratory has vacancies for one Ph.D. position, who will work on proteomics & Biological mass spectrometry. 

Immediate Postdoc vacancies: We have a vacancy for a postdoc position (must have experience in plant culture), will work on plant proteomics & metabolomics to investigate Red-Ox based plant physiology

Immediate M.Sc/B.Tech Dissertation/training vacancies: we have vacancies for six months to one-year dissertation/training programs. Candidate must have experience in Python or Perl

       Dr Ratnasekhar CH

Project Investigator  CSIR- CIMAP (2020 - present)
                          Queen's University Belfast (2019-2020)

Postdoctoral University of Cambridge   (2015-2017)
                 University College London (2016-2018)
                 Queen's University Belfast (2018-2019)

Visiting Scientist: The Francis Crick Institute, London (2016-2018)
                       University of Vienna, Austria (01-03, 2020)

Member: Royal Society of Chemistry 
             Royal Society of Biology 




Our lab represents a very interdisciplinary research prominent in the functional analyses of various systems using systems biology approaches including metabolomics, proteomics, and flux approaches. A major focus of the lab centers on answering fundamental questions of cellular metabolism under various physiological conditions using 'Omics' approaches.​


” Metabolome & proteome are highly dynamic and changes in metabolism are often precede changes in phenotype. We study metabolism to understand basic biological questions using Metabolomics, Proteomics, and biochemical approaches “

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   for  Metabolic  research
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